HOW TO SET THE CLOCK ON A SKODA FABIA MK1 (applies also for other same generation VW group cars)

how to set the clock (time) on a skoda fabia mk1.
odometer skoda fabia mk1

One of the most common tasks that a  Skoda Fabia driver encounters is setting the clock.

Either it’s due to a car battery replacement, time change, or else, it will happen eventually.

Believe it or not, the most difficulty everyone has in this task is finding WHERE the set command is. On most cars, you’ll notice immediately. Either it’s near the clock or through menus in the on-board computer. Not here. Combining the trip distance reset button with setting the clock is practical but from a user’s point of view, you’d be better off finding the lost city of Eldorado.

Anyway, once you are inside your Fabia, in front of the odometer, you will see a lever (knob) sticking out of the odometer, on the right side of the clock.

The main purpose of this lever is to reset the trip distance. It also has a function for resetting the clock (adjusting the time).

Here is the procedure (you have a video below):

1. Take hold of the lever (knob); do not push it in. Turn it clockwise or counter-clockwise until you hear a click sound.

2. Watch the clock. As you hear the “click” sound you will see the digits moving.

3. Clockwise is for the minutes, counter-clockwise is for the hours.

4. Hold the lever until you have reached the correct digit.

A word of warning (so you do not damage the lever): do not overdo the knob-turning, hold so much as to hear the “click” sound, and to set the correct time.

Besides the Fabia, this tutorial also applies to other cars from the Volkswagen group of the same generation (even newer). They basically (emphasis on basically) have the same odometer but the digits have a different design. Volkswagen tends to share the same parts within their group