Jealousy and cars. Let’s be honest, these two words have gone hand in hand probably since the first car was bought.

You may be the one who bought a car or the one looking at it with envy, it doesn’t matter since jealousy „attacks“ the same.

In either situation, it isn’t a pleasant feeling. I’ve been on both sides so all of this comes from experience.

This article should help you on the topic of jealousy and cars and how to react and behave in these situations.

It should help you avoid the worst which is being awkward or even downright mean (which is a common case).

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If you’re friend, relative, neighbour or else have bought a new car, there’s a very good chance that it’s a big happening for them.

Most people see buying a car (especially a new one) as a big investment, a sign of newly acquired independence, a long-awaited trophy and the list goes on.

Whatever the case, people expect you to show joy for them. They want to either share that joy with you or just show off.

This is just how human nature is, I guess.

So, try to be happy for the person who bought the car. If you’re not in the mood, at least be polite and behave accordingly. A couple of smiles and nice comments don’t cost you anything but may mean the world to the new car owner.

On the other hand, don’t be pathetic and jump all over the place or even worse, start pretending. In most cases, this is seen through very quickly and will have an even worse effect than being rude.



So, the car you’re looking at isn’t really that good. There may be rust, you see traces of oil on the engine, and you can perhaps recognize traces of a previous car crash or else.

Yes, the fair thing to do would be to say what you’ve noticed and perhaps warn the new owner that some problems await him/her.

But you know what’s the truth? In that situation, nobody cares and you’ll just be a party pooper. Not to mention that you’ll go down in history as a jealous person.

„Why would he/she tell me that if he/she is not jealous“ the new car owner will probably say.

Simply, keep your mouth shut and if you notice any problem, at least wait for the next day or sometimes later to give your opinion.



Related to the previous tip: say good things about the car even if you don’t really think that way.

Highlight the good parts like if the rims are good-looking, if the fuel consumption is good if the interior is good looking and so on.

Just like with showing happiness, don’t overdo it so you don’t seem weird. Be polite, say a couple of nice things about the car and that’s it.




Nothing will make the new car owner more happy than asking questions about the car, especially if it’s a new one.

Ask to look at the engine, the interior, the trunk, ask about the specifications of the car, sit inside a bit.

All of this is good regarding jealousy and cars. It should help if not get rid of the jealousy then at least keep it under control.

This will be easier if you’re a car person. Then you might even enjoy the whole thing.



The last tip would be: if you can, in any way avoid jealousy altogether.

This is hard because as mentioned, lots of times jealousy and cars come in the same package.

But when you give the whole subject a deep thought you must ask yourself for whom is the jealousy really bad?

I think the truth is for the one who is jealous. Jealousy is natural,  but it is essentially a bad and distorted feeling that only causes things like anger, self-pity or even mild aggression.

All of this is bad mainly for the jealous person and his/her health not to mention that it can make a person act rude and in a strange manner.

Always remember that for this kind of behaviour, you may be very sorry in the future. Especially if you express jealousy toward, friends, relatives and neighbours.

So, if any way possible, stop being jealous, if nothing else then for your own sake.

If this isn’t possible then at least have it under control to the point of normal behaviour.



In my humble opinion, the best scenario is this one.

Someone in your near vicinity has bought a car, new or used.

Let’s say it’s a neighbour. If you see it and your jealousy level goes up 1000 percent what should you do?

First control or get rid of jealousy and ask yourself if it is necessary and whom am I really harming with it.

Always remember that it’s you. On this part, if you succeed, you’ve saved yourself from trouble and saved some health.

Next, when the occasion arises, walk over to the neighbour and politely ask something like have you bought a new car.

Say that it looks great (or give some other nice comment) congratulate on the purchase and wish all the best.

This way, not only will you’ll additionally lower the jealousy level but you’ll also be a nice person and maintain good relations.

Usually, the neighbour will ask you to come over, show you the car even maybe even offer a drink, juice or something.

If so, be polite, accept the invitation and let the new car owner explain about the car and perhaps show you around.

Do this even if you don’t really like the neighbour and even if he/she is openly bragging or being annoying. In this case, shorten the whole procedure a bit if you know what I mean.

The usual epilogue of this, as you’ll see, is that you’ll keep good relations, the jealousy will evaporate (at least to some extent) and at the end of the day, you’ll be a nice person.

A win-win situation if you agree and regarding jealousy and cars, definitely worth the time and effort.


Written by: Sibin Spasojevic


Former car technician, life-long car and DIY enthusiast, author for

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