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This website is mainly dedicated to:

  • DIY-oriented people.
  • Car enthusiasts.
  • People who have the will but lack the knowledge to do some work around the car.
  • Drivers and car owners who want to save some hard-earned money through DIY work.

Here, through a series of written and video tutorials you can learn how to keep your car in good shape, pick up some driving tips, solve some car problems that are bothering you, and much more.

To make things clear: with you won’t learn how to change timing belts, do engine overhauls, open up gearboxes, or do other complicated mechanical repairs. These tasks should be left to professional mechanics that do this for a living.

You’ll rather learn how to do some simple tasks that, in most cases, won’t cost you much money and time.

We’ve divided these tasks, advice, and problems into several categories to perhaps help more with solving your car problems:

1. Car check ups


You’ll be able to see and learn how to do the basic check ups on your car. These check ups take only minutes of your time but mean the world to your car. Making regular check ups is also good for spotting car problems on time.

2. Car repair and maintenance


Simple car repairs and maintenance include some tasks that you can surely do on your own (or with some minor help). Take a look at this category before thinking about visiting a mechanic. Maybe you can solve some car problems on your own.

3. Car problems

You have to pinpoint the problem in order to start solving it. We’ve made various articles on some of the most common car problems. If your car starts bothering you and you don’t know where to start, take a glimpse at this category.

4. Car and driving tips

Knowledge about cars and driving always has space for improvement. Take a look at these tips and perhaps find something new that will improve you’re driving experience, regardless of how much time you’ve spent behind the wheel.

5. Car reviews

This category is pretty modest but we’ve added it nevertheless. Reviews are from cars that we’ve driven or made some repairs on. If you happen to have the same one, won’t hurt to take a look.

6. Buying and selling cars


This is a chapter that’s interesting for drivers and car owners that want to sell or buy another car. Mastering the art of selling, buying and haggling are of the essence if you don’t want to end up “robbed” or with a heap of junk.

Besides all this, has a:

Whatever type of media platform you choose, the main idea and purpose of this website is to help solve your car problems and give you some quality advice on these topics.

If we’ve managed to do so, then our mission is fulfilled.

Thanks for your valuable time!

Written by: Sibin Spasojevic

Former car technician, life-long car and DIY enthusiast, author for