car battery charger

Once you have removed the battery from the car, prepare the car battery charger and follow the next steps:

(you have a video tutorial below)

Step 1.

Take a look at the car battery charger : it will have three cables coming from it: a power cable (goes in the socket) and two cables with connectors (for the battery poles).

Step 2.

Connect the car battery charger to the battery: one connector will have a red marking the other one will be black. Connect the red one to the “+” pole of and the black one to “-“pole.

Step 3.

Plug in the power socket (the recharging procedure will begin).

Step 4.

Watch the gauge on the charger: depending on the type, you will have an analog or digital gauge. Either way one will show when it is fully charged.

Step 5.

Once fully charged, do the reverse procedures: unplug the charger from the socket, take of the “-“connector an then the “+” connector.

Here are some recommendations when recharging the car battery:

Watch the charger gauge: 

if it shows the “fully charged” in less than an hour that’s a pretty sure sign that the battery is “dead” and you’ll probably have to buy a new one.

Do not do the recharging procedure inside the household:

Fumes appear during the recharging procedure that can be harmful. It would be best to do the recharging in the garage, shed or otherwise. This goes double for batteries that allow maintenance-since you can take off the battery cell lids.

• Check the electrolyte level (the liquid that’s inside the battery):

This goes only for batteries that allow maintenance (you can take the cell lids off and check the electrolyte level). If the electrolyte is not covering the cells add some distilled water (not tap water). A “no maintenance battery” is meant to be charged without checking the electrolyte level.

• When the charging is finished, let the battery “cool” down a bit : 

If you touch the car battery after charging you’ll feel that the it is warm. Leave it for about half an hour and then re-install. This goes double for “no maintenance” batteries since most of them have no ventilation for the fumes that appear during the recharging process.

• Clean the poles and battery terminals before re-installing