Adding engine coolant is another simple task you can do on your own.

It’s a essentially a simple refill job, for instance like adding windshield washer fluid. Same job, different reservoir.

Do not touch or open the engine coolant reservoir when the engine is hot!!!

If you do, you can get severely burned. Not so much for touching as it would be for opening the bottle.

Lots of people tend to open the coolant reservoir while the engine is still hot. Especially when the coolant level is low.

At that time,the coolant system is under pressure and suddenly opening the coolant reservoir can create a “geyser” effect.

This can lead to coolant bursting out of the reservoir and, as mentioned, can cause severe burns to your body.

Best to add engine coolant when the engine is cold.

Add proper engine coolant

Once you’ve checked the engine coolant level, and it’s under minimum, you’ll have to add some.

Before adding engine coolant, be sure you have the proper one. Car manufacturers have their own recommendations regarding this matter.

However, if you can’t find the same, the replacements should do just as well.

Just make sure not to mix up two coolants with different characteristics. This is why many manufacturers make colored coolants (red, blue,pink etc) to warn you about this difference. In short, don’t mix up the colors.

If you’re going to add concentrated engine coolant, make sure you make the proper coolant-to-water ratio in a separate bottle and then add to the reservoir.

This is to prevent damage to the coolant system as the concentrate, on it’s own, is very aggressive.

Frequent minimum level on the engine coolant reservoir-you have a problem

If everything is OK with the whole system, you won’t need to add coolant more than once or twice a year.

However, if you’ve started to add on a monthly or weekly basis, then you surely have a problem.

This can be caused by a variety of things: a cracked hose, loose clamp, faulty water pump, leak on the radiator etc. They can also be cheap to fix but also can cause a financial headache.

Also, when the level is low,the engine coolant warning light will go on. When this happens, stop as soon as possible and add some. If you don’t have any, add distilled water.

The main thing is to prevent overheating as this will cause serious damage to the engine and major repairs.

Here’ the engine coolant adding  procedure: 

  •  Open the coolant reservoir cap-unscrew counter-clockwise.

  • Add coolant to the level between “min” and “max”-make sure not to overfill. If you see that you’re going to spill coolant around,use a funnel.


  • Return the the cap back on-turn it clock-wise.

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