Adding windshield washer fluid is another very easy task that you can do on your own.

It has the same difficulty level as adding engine coolant, brake fluid or engine oil.

At the end of this article you have a video tutorial that you can also watch on our You Tube channel.
To avoid any confusion:the written and illustrated tutorial is done on a Fiat Stilo and the video tutorial is done on a Skoda Fabia.
The point is to explain the basic principle, regardless of the car type.

  • First symptoms it’s time to add windshield washer fluid

The wiper nozzle pressure starts to weaken. After the fluid is completely depleted, only foam and air will come out.

  • Don’t wait for the bitter end-add washer fluid on time

This goes double if the weather conditions are bad (rain,snow,etc)

These conditions cause a dirty and smudged up windshield which highly decreases visibility. No need to say how dangerous this is.

It’s best to have a spare bottle or two of washer fluid with you. If not, don’t wait till all the washer fluid is gone. Make a stop to the gas station or store and buy some.

  • Add proper windshield washer fluid-in season terms

There are a ton of different manufacturers but it all boils down to the same thing. The main difference is in season terms. In winter and cold weather use the winter washer fluid (with high freezing resistance). This will ensure that the washer system won’t freeze. If it does, it’s a big pain to defrost, trust me. In the summer season, use regular washer fluid.You can also use distilled water if you have to.

Don’t use tap water. It’s not recommendable for regular use as tap water will cause lime-scale build up in the washer system and clog it up.

After you’ve considered all of the upper tips, you’re ready to add or check the windshield washer fluid :

Find the washer fluid reservoir

You’ll find that the cap of the washer fluid reservoir has a distinct color, with a “wiper fluid” marking on it (usually a picture of the wipers). The container is different in size and shape on every car. Search for the marking on the cap and you will not make a mistake. Just make sure not to mix up the reservoirs (especially the one for the coolant).

Open the cap

Most caps have a clip-on cap, more rarely the twist-off one. Take care of your fingers and finger nails as these caps tend to be tightly sealed

Refill with wiper fluid

add windshield washer fluid-despairrepair.comOpen the new bottle of windshield washer fluid and pour inside the washer fluid reservoir. If the wiper fluid is in a hard-to-access place, use a funnel. This way you won’t spill the washer fluid all around the engine bay.

Return the cap of the washer reservoir back in place

Do not add washer fluid to the brim of the reservoir. Leave at least 1 cm of empty space between the fluid and the reservoir brim. No need to overfill as this can cause unnecessary damage to the washer system.