Checking the engine oil level on a regular basis is on of the most important check-ups on the car!

The equation goes like this: low oil level=less lubrication=killing the engine before it’s time.

One more equation: new car=less checkups; used car=more checkups.

On every car the level is measured by a dipstick. It is partially submerged in to the oil pan (the place where the engine oil is stored). Every dipstick is engraved at the bottom with a measure.(high and low level). Looking from the handle to the bottom: the nearest to the handle is high level, the lower one is, of course, the low level.

When you pull out the stick, make sure that the measurement is in between high and low, in the middle. Lower or higher level can cause damage to the engine.

Very important : do not do the measurement while the engine is hot. You’ll get an inaccurate reading. This is because when the engine is hot, most of the oil is still in the engine block and not in the pan (from which you take the correct reading).

So, the measurement is best done in the morning while the engine is cold.

Here is the procedure (you have a video below):

1. Lift the hood.

2. Find the oil dip-stick (you will recognize it by the bright color of the handle).

3. Pull out the dipstick and wipe it clean with a cloth.

4. Put the dipstick back into the sleeve you pulled it out from.

5. Pull the dipstick out again

6. Check the level.

7. Wipe it clean again and return. Be sure it sits properly in place.

One more thing: cars with automatic transmission will also have a dipstick for the transmission oil. Do not confuse one with the other. They will have different colors and will be well apart from each other (engine oil dipstick is in the engine section, the other one near the transmission).