windshield wiper blade replacement

When you turn on the windshield wipers and they start to smear the windscreen or squeak, it’s a sure sign that it’s time for a wiper blade replacement.

This is a replacement that is one of the most common and easy of all, so don’t hesitate to do it yourself.

Especially since this affects your visibility of the road and therefore safety.

Be sure to buy the correct replacement. In a car-shop, the salesman will probably give you the proper ones. If you’re buying on your on own (gas station, shopping mall etc.) make sure you look at the back of the package to see if they fit your car. The other more sure method: take the old ones with you and just measure them on site.

Here’s the basic procedure (you have a video below):

Raise the wiper blade arms.

• Release the blade from the wiper arm : 

At the middle of the wiper blade you will find a holder-clip that you will have to push in to release the wiper from the arm.

• Remove the old blade : 

Pull down the center of the blade to be able to remove it.

Put the new blade in place.

Slide the holder-clip in place, make sure it sits in properly

You’ll probably hear the click sound, that’s a sure sign that it fitted in correctly.

• Do the same for the other wiper blade.

• Gently lower the wiper blade arms back in place.

• Turn the wipers on, check how it works. If the wipers are the proper size, the wiping area will be within the boundaries of the windscreen.

When putting the wiper blade arms back be careful, it’s held in place buy a strong spring. If you are not careful the wiper arm, because of the strong spring, can hit the windscreen thus causing damage.

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