bulb replacement skoda fabia mk 1

Making a car headlight bulb replacement on your car will be one of the most common replacements you’re going to do.

It’s as simple as changing the windshield wiper blades or changing a car fuse.

Having that in mind, knowledge to do this replacement is necessary.

Light bulbs are the first thing to look at if your lights are not as bright as they should be (or wash the headlights……just kidding).

The basic car headlight bulb replacement procedure that will be mentioned does not apply to cars with xenon lights or headlights with built-in (sealed) light bulbs. With these, the headlight lamp is, in most cases, changed entirely, headlamp and bulb altogether.

So, here is the basic procedure (if you’re in a hurry, the guidelines are bolded, also there is a video at the end of the article:

1. Determine what car headlight bulb is not working.

Is it for the high beam or low beam? In almost all cars there are two different light bulb types(for example H1 and H7). In older car models this is combined into one bulb (H4)

2. Open the hood; find the rear side of the headlamp where the faulty bulb is.

You’ll see that there is a removable cover on the back-side of the lamp (it’s there for protection purposes)

3. Remove the cover.

It will probably be “clip-on-off”, a rubber one that is meant to be “peeled” off or it will be screwed on.

4. Take off the wiring.

Gently pull off the plastic connector at the back, watch not to damage the connector and wiring.

5. Take off the clip that’s holding the bulb.

In most cases, it looks like a bent piece of wire. Release by un-clipping.

6. Take out the old headlight bulb.

Have in mind the correct position it was in, remember it so you can return the new one properly

7. Put the new one inside and return the holding clip in place.

Be sure to put it back correctly if you want the beam to spread properly.

8. Put the wiring connector back on.

Be sure to put on tightly to avoid poor contact.

9. Turn on the lights, see if it works.

10. Return the back cover of the lamp.

Be sure it’s put back tightly so dust or moist will not get in the headlamp.


  • Important advice:

Hold the car headlight bulb by the contacts, not the glass balloon. If it gets greasy from your fingers it will burn out sooner.

Have in mind, though, that many cars today (unfortunately) have hard-to-access headlights.

Therefore, making a car headlight bulb replacement can be a pretty hard task.

If this is your case, take your time and be patient. The biggest problem is getting to the bulb itself.

If it’s very complicated (like it tends to be on a lot of modern cars), best let the dealer do the job.

In most dealerships and services they will do the replacement for free if you buy the bulb from them.

In other words, if you’re going to pay, pay for the whole deal.