Knowing how to change cabin air filters is one more simple task that you can do on your own.

It has the same difficulty level as replacing a car fuse, windshield wiper blades or a head lamp light bulb.

So, simple and easy to do.

Sure signs that you should make a cabin filter replacement are:

  • bad smell or odor when you turn on the air condition or ventilation system

  • the ventilation inside the cabin is not as good as usual

  • smudges start to appear on the lower part of the windshield (when you turn on the ventilation system)

The replacement itself is a simple task: just imagine a box with a filter inside. Your job is to find the box, open it, put in a new filter and close the box.

On our YouTube channel and below this text, you can see a video on how to change a cabin air filter that we’ve made. It is specifically for the Skoda Fabia mk 1. However, the basic principle (which is written here) applies to all cars.

Before starting, it would be best to wear some working clothes and have some lighting (flashlight or lamp). Also, take your time, especially if you don’t how to change cabin air filters. Rushing and being nervous can only lead to problems such as breaking or damaging something.

So, here are the steps for learning how to change cabin filters:

Find the cabin filter housing

change cabin filter-cabin filter location-despairrepair.comEvery car model has a different location for the housing. There are two locations that are most common: under the dashboard (on the passenger’s side) and under the hood (mostly near the windshield). Look at these two places first. Word of advice: when learning how to change the cabin air filters, best look on the internet first for the housing location. It will save you a lot of time and nerves. Either that or you can do the almost forgotten art of asking another human.

Open the housing lid

cabin filter replacament-housing-depairrepair.comDifferent car manufacturers have different systems of opening the housing lid. Again: it is essentially a box with a lid on one side. Your task is to open the box and remove the old cabin filter. The lid is held in place with clips, sliders or some sort of holders. For clips; press them until they release. For sliders; slide them to the sides. Hope you know what I mean. The point is to release the lid. Also, take your time so you don’t break anything.

Remove the old cabin filter from the housing

change cabin filter-remove old filter-depairrepair.comRemove the old cabin filter by pulling it down or to the side (depending on the car model). Don’t be surprised, the filter is usually full of dirt, dust and filth. Especially if it hasn’t been changed in a long time. When learning how to change cabin filters,it would be preferable to put some protection on the car floor (paper, rubber mat etc.)

Insert the new cabin filter-turn it the right way! 

change cabin filter-insert new cabin filter-despairrepair.comInsert the new cabin filter back in the housing. Make sure that you turn the filter to the proper side (for good air flow).You’ll find arrows (or written markings) on the filter that shows the direction of the air flow. Also, there is a possibility that the filter has a holder of its own (as shown in the video). In this case, first put the filter in the holder and then insert it back in the housing. See that it sits in properly. This part regarding the air flow is very important for learning how to change the cabin air filters.

Return the lid on the housing

change cabin filter-return lid on housing-despairrepair.comPut the lid back on. Make sure that the lid properly fits (this is important for the air flow). Make sure that the clips click tight, that the sliders slide back in place or whatever the system may be. Again, make sure that the lid sits in properly and that it is tightened.

Turn on the climate-ventilation control and check if everything is fine

Check that air flow is fine and that the air coming out of the vents has the proper strength and no odour. If it’s OK, it’s a sure sign that you’ve learned how to change cabin air filters properly.