In a previous article I wrote about some of the most common problems on a used Fiat Stilo 1.9 JTD.

It would only be fair to write about some the good things regarding this car as well.

To be more precise, this article is about a Fiat Stilo 1.9 JTD (115 bhp), it’s a pearl black estate, produced in 2005 with the” dynamique” package.

So, here are some of the good sides (in my opinion) of the Stilo :

1.The Fiat JTD engine

fiat-stilo-1.9-jtd-engine-despairrepair.comNothing less than an engineering marvel. Arguably, one of the best engines ever built (not just my opinion). The 1.9 JTD is a dependable, robust engine and given the basic maintenance will seldom let you down. It purrs like a kitten, has tons of torque (forget about overtaking problems or sluggish starts), fuel consumption is good and winter starts are no problem. All in all, perhaps the brightest part of the whole car. When buying a Fiat Stilo definitely go for the JTD engine (preferably the 115 bhp).

2.Buying price

In the market of used cars, you probably won’t find a better deal. There are few cars which will offer more for less money. The biggest losers were the ones who bought the car new (because of the steep price depreciation). Reselling is another matter. But from my own experience (depending on the market in your country) there is a fairly good chance that it won’t be that bad. In any case, good value for your money. If you decide to buy one, here are some helpful tips on making a car purchase

3.Fuel consumption

Here the Fiat Stilo is among the top of the chart. I’ll speak in kilometer/liter terms: the fuel consumption goes from 5 liters on the open road to 7 liters in the city. I think that’s pretty good considering that you have a 1.9 litre 115 bhp powerhouse  under the hood. This is real data, measured while driving.


4.Versatile and practical (this is for the estate version)

Unlike many cars who claim to be versatile (until you get to business), Stilo is the real deal. You’ll get, in one package (I’ll speak for the estate version) a comfortable family car, a mini pick-up (when you fold the seats), you can even have some fun on the road thanks to the brilliant engine .In versatile terms, one of the best-buy on the market.


A car that will save you if you get in to trouble. It’s well built (from the structural point of view), has good driving characteristics (if you don’t treat it like a Ferrari), and in mostly all models has the electronic “helpers” if you over do it in driving (ABS, ESP etc.). It even has an additional switch for cutting of the fuel line in case of a car crash. You’ll have to admit, Fiat did this part very well.

6.Driving comfort

defensive driving-keeping a safe distance-depairrepair.comYou’ll have no problems doing serious mileage in this car. The suspension trimming is set up very well, as you can drive comfortably and also do some serious cornering (even in the estate version). For instance, I’ve done 600+km in a day, didn’t break a sweat. The driver seating position needs a period of adaptation (feels a bit out of center-subjective opinion). Thumbs down for the rear seats.

7.Loads of extra accessories

Especially if you buy the “dynamique” package. Tons of “goodies” that you won’t find in a car of this class, even when it was new. We’re talking about dual zone climate control, parking sensors, alarm, ABS, ESP, stock alloys, pearl paint (beautiful), surround music system, the works. The good thing is that most of these are found even in the basic version of a Fiat Stilo.


8.The design

We all know that the Italians are the kings of design-no need to write about that. The Stilo is no exception Even in the estate version, you will turn (some)heads. The rear part is the most arguable (in any version). Myself, I think it’s a job well done. If it means anything, you won’t be driving an ugly car.

9.All over durability 

Mainly thanks to the JTD engine, the great anti-corrosion protection, durable materials in the interior and other things  you’ll be able to drive the Stilo for a pretty long time. Just to make things clear, signs of wearing will (drastically) show over time. Paint that is easily chipped, plastics inside that are prone to scratching, not being able to clean the car interior properly etc. are just a few things that will make you disappointed. So, perfectionists, stay away. People who want to exploit the car normally will find what they need.

10.DIY possibilites

diy-fiat-stilo-1.9-jtd-despairrepair.comIn my own experience, most modern cars today are something like a crocodile in a zoo (take a look and don’t touch). Thanks to tons of electronics, sensors, protection systems etc. the DIY possibilities are almost down to zero. The Stilo, in this case is somewhat friendlier. From my own experience you can do a fair amount of basic repairs on your own (glow plugs, oil change, fuel filter change etc.). The good side is that the ECU resets the fault messages on its own (if you do the repair correctly). That’s money saved on garage-dealer diagnostics.