When the winter season is at the door, one of the most important (and most simple) check-ups to do on your car is checking the antifreeze (coolant).

Over time and because of the radical environment, it tends to lose its characteristics and this is why you need to make the check-up.

In a worst case scenario, anti freeze with low frost resistance can cause damage to the engine (if it freezes, the engine block can crack rendering the engine useless).

To make the check on your own you’ll need to buy a coolant meter. You can buy it in almost all car-part shops. The price is around 10- 20 US dollars, depending on the design and quality. Small one time investment that pays off quickly.

 coolant meter

Make sure you do the measurement when the engine is cold!!!! Hot antifreeze can cause damage to the coolant meter and give an incorrect reading.

In this case we will be using a coolant meter that works on the suction principle (most of them work like that)-the meter sucks in the antifreeze and makes the temperature resistance reading.

Once you’ve bought the coolant meter here’s how to make the check :

(you have a video tutorial below)

1.Unscrew the cap on the coolant bottle.

2.Press the suction rubber and insert the tube into the coolant bottle

3.Release the the suction rubber (you’ll see antifreeze entering the coolant meter). The gauge will show a temperature reading (this is the freezing resistance)

4.Squeeze back the coolant from the meter into the coolant bottle.

5.Screw the coolant bottle cap back on.

The reading should be between -20 and -40 degrees Celsius.

Anything under -20 is a sure signal to replace the antifreeze.

In case you have the antifreeze mixture that is dissolved with water, make sure to strengthen the mixture by adding some more concentrated antifreeze.

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