One of the most anticipated newcomers in the EV world was the Skoda Enyaq.

Skoda is known for its quality, reliability, practicality, and nice design so everybody waited for their answer to the advancing electric vehicle trend.

Luckily, I had a close encounter with one and because of that, I bring you this modest review.

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The other day, I went with my family to the local shopping mall, and low and behold there was the Skoda Enyaq.

Sadly, I only had the chance to read about this new EV from car magazines and watch YouTube reviews with envy, I must admit.

Anyway, my family went shopping and I went to feast my eyes. The Enyaq was connected to the charger so I also had the chance to see this in real life.

From this encounter, I only have a few pictures which makes this quasi-review somewhat dull, but I hope you don’t mind. The truth is until you drive a car, you can’t get the complete picture.

The owners of the car weren’t present, they probably also went shopping and conveniently left their car to charge for further driving.

I only took a few pictures because running enthusiastically around others people’s cars and taking a ton of pictures while the owner isn’t present usually draws attention. It seems a bit weird if you know what I mean.

So, if the owners happen to recognize their car, I would like to thank them and hope they don’t mind.



  • Very good build



Looking around the car it seems very well assembled as all of Skoda’s cars are.

Seems they used good materials both for the interior and exterior but this is standard for Skoda.

All in all, it seems there aren’t differences in terms of quality from other Skoda models, on the contrary.

  • Good looks and design




This is of course a matter of taste but let’s be honest, the Enyaq looks great. Sleek, sporty but not invasive at the same time. And all of this is in a rather family-type package.

Hard to do, but implementing the modern Skoda design on their EV has done the trick.

There’s not an angle from which the Skoda looks bad, at least in my humble opinion. But again it’s a matter of taste.

  • Skoda Enyaq interior


From what I could see, the interior is well made which is also a standard for Skoda.

Quality materials combined with a well-toned and designed interior follows the EV concept of being simplistic yet effective and easy to use.

One thing I must mention regarding the interior and this is highly subjective.

What I noticed (and this is just from looking from the outside), the Enyaq is a big car from the outside but seems smaller on the inside. Simply, I was under the impression that there would be more space inside.

Again, this is a subjective opinion and a good look and being inside the car for a while would clarify this.

  • Big wheels


What you notice the moment you see the Skoda Enyaq are the big wheels as opposed to the car body.

I didn’t take a good look, but the rims seemed to be either 18 or 19 inches. Of course, they had Skoda original hubcaps which look very nice.

But to be honest, the whole picture seems much, much better with the alloy wheels. The futuristic, sporty-sleek design is then complete.

  • Charging


I must mention the charging issue which is infamous among us regular inner combustion engine drivers.

Many good and bad things have been said about this topic over the years. We’ve written a separate article related to the EV topic which you can read by clicking here.

To tell you the truth, it seems like a very nice solution. Plug it in, go about your business, and continue your trip.

Yes, it does take time, but I guess if you plan out your trip it’s manageable.

I don’t know how the charging issue folds out on longer trips, but I’m seeing more and more EVs that have license plates from other countries that are a couple of thousand kilometers away. So it seems to work.

Furthermore, the infrastructure is getting better and better, even where the number of EVs is scarce.

Watching all this, the future for EVs seems certainly bright.



I’ll be honest, after this brief sightseeing I was heartbroken that I can’t own one.

I won’t lie to you. I’m a big fan of Skoda vehicles from the oldest models to the modern ones although I didn’t have the chance to always drive them.

Besides this, I like the electric vehicles concept, especially their seemingly simple and reliable build and mechanics.

If I had the possibility I would buy the Enyaq in a heartbeat. Even despite the price and the fact that in my country it would be pretty hard to own and exploit an EV.

All in all, the Skoda Enyaq seems like a well-built, reliable, thoroughly thought out car that’s good both for a family but also for a cool image.

The good looks certainly don’t hurt.

Don’t know much about the maintenance but if it’s at least 50 percent like the other Skoda’s (regarding quality) it should be OK.

All in all, I’d buy one in a heartbeat.


Written by: Sibin Spasojevic


Former car technician, life-long car and DIY enthusiast, author for