Here’s an interesting question for a driver and car owner: how the car impacts your image?

Does it really have an impact or is it just imaginary? Is this matter really that important?

Well, common sense will tell you that it doesn’t matter but once you’re on the road and among other people, the situation seems to change.

In fact, it changes very much.

In this article, we’ll show you a couple of reasons why we think the car has an impact on your image and why it’s certainly something to consider and give a thought.

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The car, when it was invented was meant primarily as a means of transport. To get you from point A to point B safely.

But very soon, it became much more than that. Many car manufacturers saw that adding some aesthetic and other details will make the whole vehicle much more pleasant to the eye.

These details combined with effective design started turning a car into a luxury and started defining a whole new class or class of cars.

So, in a short time, because of the manufacturers trying to indulge buyers but more due to human psychology I think, the car became a status symbol.

Very soon, driving a luxurious sedan or, for instance, a station wagon was not the same thing although both are considered cars and a means of transport.

This continues to this day. The car seems to defy the driver, whether he/she likes it or not and whether it’s true or not.

I know this may sound shallow, but the truth is that when you drive a luxury, high-priced, and rare vehicle, some doors will open much easier.

It’s the same with a fancy and expensive sports car, a rugged pumped-up terrain vehicle, or a massive SUV.

Simply put, what you drive is what you are. At least that’s how the majority of people will perceive you.

That feeling is so strong that it will probably continue even when you’ve stepped out of the passenger cabin.




When talking about how the car impacts your image, I must mention how the car you drive makes a difference in traffic.

I will speak from personal experience as all this may sound a bit wacky.

But, in all of my driving years, I’ve noticed that other drivers in traffic tend to treat you differently depending on your car.

For instance, if you drive an expensive, strong sedan, made by a renowned brand, people tend to let you take over much more easily, move aside much more willingly, and overall avoid any kind of conflict in traffic.

On the other hand, if you drive a cheaper, used, and especially smaller car, you’re much more prone to road violence and a sort of bullying on the road.

It’s much like entering a bar while being very big, muscular, and strong.

When you’re like this, people, in most cases, think twice if they want to pick a fight.



No one would like to admit it, but what you drive is proof of how successful you are.

Success is partly materialized through a good and expensive car.

It’s the same thing with other things in life like where you live, how big your house is, where have you traveled, and so on.

An expensive, luxurious, supercar, limousine, or sedan is the cherry on the success cake.

If you’re modest and don’t perceive the matter this way, then the majority of other people will trust me.

For instance, if you’re wealthy and drive an average car be sure that people will have a different view and opinion of you despite the fact you’re wealthy.

This matter may not be interesting or important to you, but if done this way, it will rise a fair amount of eyebrows and be even considered unnatural. People may even consider you a failure.

It seems that an expensive car is almost a must-have if you’ve reached the top.



There is something in the human psyche that I think no person is immune to.

It’s the correlation between wealth and confidence. It seems that as wealth grows so does confidence.

When this is translated into cars, the better car you drive (meaning bigger, more expensive, luxurious, and else) the better your self-esteem is. At least most of the time.

If you’re surrounded by leather, wood, chrome, technical gadgets, special lighting, or whatever your preferences are, it’s a sort of confirmation that you’re high on the success ladder.

That feeling on its own seems to be an additional boost to the morale and ego. This is a way of how the car impacts your image that is perhaps the most obvious.

It’s much more different than when you’re surrounded by cheap and squeaky plastics, a cheap stereo system that screeches, or a funky-smelling interior for instance.



For the final and perhaps the most superficial point. At least this is what most people will probably think of it.

A good car (again this means, luxurious and expensive) will help improve your chances of starting a relationship.

Will it be good or bad later is mostly up to you and no kind of car will help you with that. I’m talking more about the initiation point, the point where it all starts.

The truth is that in many cases, your potential future partner is more likely to give you a chance if you have a good ride.

It may be a convertible, a limousine, a roadster, or even a professionally tuned-up car, it doesn’t matter.

The moment your potential future partner see’s your ride is many times the moment of truth and decision.

If there are second thoughts the car you drive may easily define what happens next.

Shallow? Perhaps. Is it true? At least from personal experience, yes, definitely.



To conclude how the car impacts your image?

As you’ve seen, in many ways. Also, if you think what car you drive doesn’t matter, you will be wrong. At least in the majority of cases.

You can think of this subject as shallow and something that is not up to the moral standard.

But the truth is and always will be that the car, in most cases, is sort of an alter ego.

It’s a powerful tool that can make or break your image if it’s important to you.

Of course, what you drive probably won’t and shouldn’t impact your life.

But the truth of the matter is that a nice car opens a lot of doors and makes people look at you differently.


Written by: Sibin Spasojevic


Former car technician, life-long car and DIY enthusiast, author for

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