What kind of car will get you a date?

To some people, this question may seem shallow and superficial.

Is it possible that a heap of metal and plastic on wheels can affect something as important as your possible future relationship?

Will owning this or that kind of car give you a better chance of finding a partner?

The moral and righteous answer you’ll often hear is no.

But if you’re in the dating game it seems to be different. In fact, the car seems to mean a lot.

This article will try and give you some suggestions that may increase your chances of getting a date.



If you expected this article to be a list of specific cars that are good for dating, I’m sorry to say that you’re going to be somewhat disappointed.

The point of this article is to show the principle of what kind of car will you get you a date.

Regardless of the manufacturer, type, and model.

Just wanted you to have this in mind and not let down your expectations.


There is a good quote on this matter: „The best car in the world is a new one“ (this is said by Henry Ford I think, I apologize if I’m wrong).

Simply, the modern looks of a new car, the new flashy paint, and the new and pleasantly smelling interior speak volumes for themselves.

This goes double if it’s one of the more desirable car types like sports cars, or convertibles and if it’s from a renowned manufacturer.

If you don’t believe me, just watch the reaction of people (men and women both) when a new flashy desirable car stops in the parking lot. Seldom will any head stay unturned especially if it’s a more popular or rare model.

The same should apply to your future date.


Another thing that most people will tell you is that size doesn’t matter.

In this game, it does and does big time.

There is a huge difference between stepping out of a sedan, SUV, or crossover or getting out of a small hatchback for instance.

When getting out of a bigger car, your overall appearance gets more credit whether you like it or not.

It’s pretty much the same on the road.

Regarding dating, your potential date will probably feel more secure in a bigger car.

I guess it’s a matter of security, status (like with a bigger house for instance), or perhaps human instinct.




If you want to leave a good first impression, the car has to be spic and span clean.

Nobody wants to sit in a chicken coup.

Crums, stains, smudgy windows, and worst of all a bad smell in the passenger cabin are major turn-offs.

To avoid this you can clean your car’s interior by yourself. We’ve made an article and video specifically on this topic, click here if you want to read the article. For the video click here or watch it on our YouTube channel.

The same goes for the outside of the car which is even more important for the mentioned first impression. A filthy and neglected car body is a major minus.

If you don’t have the time at least use a coin-operated car wash and give it a quick clean.

Even if you drive a new car that’s not clean and has a nasty odor it will send a bad message about you.



Another answer to the question of what type of car will get you a date is a classic car.

By classic, I mainly mean an older, well-taken-of-care of car.

Lots of older classics have a beautiful design, and luxury but also drive very well and comfortably.

So not only will you grab an enormous amount of attention, flare, and sometimes even intrigue, but you’ll also have a good time driving your date.

Not to mention showing some class and style.

Oftentimes, a classic car is much more effective than even a new high-tech car.



No matter what car you drive, if you keep it in good condition, in most cases, it will give off a good first impression.

Visible rust spots or even worse, holes in the car body, bumpers that are hanging off the car, broken headlights or rear lamps, missing trim parts, and else will not get a pass.

Furthermore, there’s maintenance.

If you offer your date a drive in a car that squeaks, stalls, sways all over the place, or can’t properly stop or else you’ll not only get a face of disappointment but also of fear.

Not to mention the fact that a poorly maintained car is essentially a road hazard.

Opposed to this, when your date sits in a car that’s taken care of, that is clean, shiny, and drives nicely, you’ll leave a much better impression.



A car will not help you find the partner of your life (except on really rare occasions).

Even the most modern, high-tech, well-manufactured, well-branded luxury spaceship can’t help you with that.

But know that a car can give you some help through the beginning phase of dating when everything is still new, fragile, and very sensitive.

To make an analogy with clothing: how would like to see your first date? Would you like someone to appear in a sweaty t-shirt, torn-up shorts, and flip-flops or in a modern, clean, and nicely made outfit?

I think it’s the second one and it’s the same with cars.

The car, whether we like it or not, sends a sort of subliminal message to your perhaps future partner.

It is often the gateway (or barrier) that shows the other person in advance what awaits them. Be it true in the future or not.



Written by: Sibin Spasojevic


Former car technician, life-long car and DIY enthusiast, author for Despairrepair.com


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