Since the dawn of time, when man came to the conclusion that he could get the upper hand on another man, the bargain was born.

Bargaining, also known as haggle, has since become like a martial art. Taught well, trained often, it can be honed to perfection.

No better ground for this art then the market of used cars.

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So, whether it’s a shiny showroom, cars sold on the open or someone’s garage this is what you should know to make a good bargain.

You are the master of your money

Always remember the way you earn your money. If you’re like the most of us it’s hard and every cent counts. Don’t put money in other people’s pockets if it isn’t necessary.

The selling price is not the real price

Every seller forms a higher price than expected (usually 10-20 % or higher) because of the bargain part. If he succeeds to sell at the top price good for him. If not, all isn’t lost.

This means that you always have some free space.

Make the proper preparation for a good bargain

Take your time, make a picture of the market you’ll be dealing with. What’s selling at what price. No knowledge of the market, bye-bye to a good bargain.

Make a solid decision on what used car you want to buy

What manufacturer, type, fuel, mileage, year of production, color, how many doors etc.

Having a fairly clear picture of what you want really helps as it gives you confidence in the bargain and also spares you a lot of time.

If you know what you want, you’re going to fight for it. If you don’t, you’re more susceptible to buying something you don’t want (and be sorry later).


How to start the bargain?

When bargaining, the “semi-official” stance is the best. Some small talk is OK, not too much.

Remember that your there to buy a car and bargain, not to exchange stamps.

Don’t let anybody push you in to anything; you’re in command of the bargain.

The seller has one task in mind: to sell the car and earn his commission.

This means that your bargain is his “natural enemy”.

Have that in mind if the seller gets pushy or wants to impose himself on you.

When you ignore it and show lack of interest, the point will be made. YOU are buying what YOU want with YOUR money.

Don’t look pleased when you find what you want

Even if you find your dream car, if it has a good price, don’t let the other side notice.

If you do the bargain is pretty much over.

You might as well throw the seller your wallet to help him or herself.

Take advantage to make a good bargain (haggle)

Inspect the car, if you don’t have the “eye”, take someone with you who has the proper knowledge.

Any dent, leak, scratch is a head start for lowering the price and a good bargain.

Also act like you know a thing or two around the car, even if you don’t.

Laymen are good pray for salesmen.

Ask everything

The salesman will tell what he/she wants and what’s best to make a sale.

It’s your task to ask the proper questions (history of the car, did it have regular maintenance, has it been in an accident etc).

For instance a lack of service history gives you open space for a bargain. Check the dual mass flywheel, (if the car has one), has it been replaced.

If the car has been damaged and repaired, the price has to go down.

Hope you get my point.

Have limits on how much to bargain (haggle)

As mentioned in the beginning, bargaining is like a martial art.

As such, every fighter has to know when to back down.

For a moment, step back and see if you got what you wanted. Look at the overall purchase, see if your satisfied and that you won’t be sorry later (this is the hardest part).

Point here: know when to stop or else a fine art will turn in to mud wrestling.

If it seems OK with yourself and your budget make the handshake and what will be will be.

There is always a better bargain

At the end, there will always be better cars with a better price.

People will tell you that you could’ve done better.

Word of advice, forget all that and enjoy in your new purchase.

The point is that you gave your best and did not miss on a bargain.