Have you been in this situation: you press the key fob and……nothing happens, or you have to come really close to the car for the key fob to work?

I think that most drivers have encountered this problem. It’s not pleasant, to say the least.

Because of a simple battery replacement you can end up stranded and in big problems.

The first sign that you should replace the battery is a weak signal between the key fob and the car. If the signal distance is getting drastically shorter, do the replacement right away. Don’t wait till the bitter end.

Especially since this is an easy replacement (like a car bulb replacement, fuse replacement, etc.). It can best be compared to changing a battery on a watch.

The key fob has a plastic housing that holds the battery. The point is to open the housing, replace the battery, and close the housing back.

The difference between any key fob is how the housing holds the battery. Some have holders that slip out; some have clips that hold two parts of the key fob together.

The main thing is to see what the system is and being able to open it without damage.

Before starting work here are some precautions:

  • leave the driver door open just in case. If something goes wrong you’ll still have access to the car
  • make sure that you have the correct replacement battery
  • make sure that a second, copy key fob is available.

Also, take your time, especially if you’re not accustomed to this type of work. Being nervous and in a rush can lead to making unnecessary damage.

Important note (to avoid confusion) : 
These tutorials are done on two separate types of key fobs.
The written tutorial is done on a key fob from a Fiat Stilo 1.9 JTD while the video tutorial is done on a Skoda Fabia 1.4 mk1.
The video tutorial (which is at the end of the article), can also be seen on our YouTube channel.
The point is that both of the tutorials explain the basic replacement principle, regardless of the car and key fob type.

Here’s the procedure:

• Open the key fob housing

You’ll need a small screwdriver; depending on the type. You’ll either have to split the housing open (un-clip) or in this case release the battery holder by loosening a holder screw.


key fob-tightening key














• Remove the old battery from the battery holder

Pull out the battery holder. Remember the correct previous position in order to return it properly

key fob-battery-out-of-the        key







• Put the new battery inside the battery holder

Make sure that you have the correct replacement battery (the battery type is stamped on the battery itself, just find one with the same characteristics).

key fob-battery








• Put the battery holder back in place (into the slot) and tighten the screw.

If it has clips, put the two parts of the housing back together and clip it into place. Make sure everything fits properly so you don’t break a clip or damage the key fob housing.

key    key







• Give it a try, see if it works.

If you did everything OK, you’ll notice instantly. You can lock/unlock the car from a much further distance or the key fob will start to work properly once again.



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